The Quest for Hiraeth November 2013

In November 2013 I returned to Wales for two weeks specifically to see my family and to attend the Armistice Day Service in Mold with my late cousin, Colin, formerly of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
I dedicate this video to the memory of Colin and indeed to all my Haywood family.
I also express my gratitude to my good friend and old comrade at arms, Fred, for its production.


20.10.2020 12:40

Deborah Jane Kerswell

Fabulous & evocative pictures (& of course music)...I shed a year at the sight of beautiful Aunty Gladys....I wish I had been there with you cousins for Dad, to meet you and to spend p time with Colin

06.10.2020 00:10

Robert Cannon

Brilliantly put together My Dear Johnny Coe,

05.10.2020 14:35


Beautifully edited.

05.10.2020 10:11

John Logan

John, what a wonderfully enriching reunion for both you and your family in Wales.
God bless dear friend.

05.10.2020 09:43

Peter Bridge

A brilliant record of what must have been a memorable occasion for old FRIENDS

05.10.2020 08:26

John Seager

A brilliant and moving record of your 2013 family reunion.

04.10.2020 17:27


Excellent record made me appreciate true friendship never dies.

04.10.2020 21:25


Thank you Rob, it certainly does not. Good cheer old friend.

02.10.2020 07:25


Absolutely wonderful, even though the memories made me cry

04.10.2020 21:23


Thank you Chris. Me too. Love and God Bless.