Politics - the Art of the Implausible

An honest man goes to Parliament.

Reforming the Beast

Politics, the art of the feasible, or, as sometimes described as the art of the implausible, is in sad disarray in our manifold variants of so-called liberal democracy.

To accord with the spirit of the times, this section is entitled – Reforming the Beast. The beast of course refers to that execrable gorilla in our midst called politics. Through a series of essays and arguments we hope – not the royal we – but together with my alter ego, to define a polity more responsive to the people, more democratic in nature, more workable, less prone to the high-jacking by vested interests and back room dealings and, ultimately, a polity that distinguishes between good and evil and concerns itself with the discussion about what is ‘the common good’.

In short, this section will look the mess we have made of governing ourselves and pass some observations as to how we may hold our politicians to closer account. 


As the old saying goes - watch this space!