21. Oct, 2018

Narcisistico Porco

The disconnected and well-heeled slime of Sydney’s overly affluent porcine community in Wentworth have chased their lesser Australians further into the barren wilderness of political chaos.

A supreme irony arising out of the dénouement of the whole sorry and sordid Turnbull saga is that the Wentworth result may be seen in some quarters as a triumph for representative democracy. This theory holds that the candidate should truly reflect the views of his or her electorate. In the case of Wentworth – Bingo! Turnbull was a merchant-banker billionaire and narcissistic socialite with the scruples of an alley cat. His successor is a ‘squillionaire’ and narcissistic socialite; former Gate Keeper of one of Australia’s wealthiest, most impenetrable and closed shop unions, the Australian Medical Profession, and is possessed with the political scruples of an alley cat.

The ripugnante e narcisistico porco[1] have truly elected one of their own and to hell with the national good.

One can imagine the Monday morning parade of sleek, Porsche driving and face-lifted matrons of Rose Bay and Vaucluse at the hairdressers, positively gurgling in faux English vowels with news and gossip about Saturday night’s party – Amelia Dahling you should have seen.... before, being ‘very busy busy people’, rushing off to meet their personal trainers and other assorted gigolos.

 This porcine swill, completely lacking in understanding or empathy with the real crises confronting this country have not the comprehension as to the situation of the common man. They didn’t even have the spine to go the whole hog [Oh! So sorry Rebekah Dahling!] and vote the Labour party in. The wealth and privilege of these elites inoculates them from the consequence of their actions. They have no idea of electricity prices or the societal effect of ill-considered immigration or the real problems facing our primary industries. The closest they’ve ever been to a small business is a trip to the deli in the ‘village’ or perhaps their dealings with the ‘little man' that comes and cleans the windows.

May this swill have little time to enjoy their pyric victory! They have delivered us into a distinctly Australian twilight of liberal democracy. The reckoning is coming. This shambolic political theory, a construct of centuries past, can no longer meet the exigencies of today’s world let alone the demands of future societal good order. In my view it should now be graciously pensioned off before it is unceremoniously tossed into the latrine of political failure.


[1] Repulsive and narcissistic swine