27. Jan, 2015

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, the 27th of January has been designated by the United Nations as the day to remember and contemplate the tragedy of the holocaust committed in Europe against Jews and gypsies and Rumanians and a host of other 'undesireables' during the the period 1939-45. It was truly a time of horror the world would rather forget. It was a crime of humanity associated mainly against the peoples of Jewish origin becuase they comprised by far the highest number of victims. 


In today's world many of us either mistakenly or wilfully confuse Holococaust Day with the reality of the Middle East and the tragedy of the West Bank. There can be no doubt that all participants in this ongoing tragedy are both victims and violators. But it behoves us to remember that Israel, the only functioning democracy in that unhappy region, has been since its inception in 1948, surrounded by enemies avowed to annhilate every Jew and every trace of their state from the earth.


Perhaps if we were living in such an environment we too would be a little more robust in our foreign policy and matters of defence?


Irrespective. It is a day to contemplate with great sadness what has happened. It is time to remember that it is still happening becuase of the ineptitude of the United Nations and that we, as God-fearing people, should continually strive to prevent it happening again.