Critical Comment

6. Nov, 2018

I’ve always found Stephen Fry an entertaining actor even though I disagree with the direction of his social activism. Last weekend he flew into Sydney to deliver a lecture at the Dangerous Ideas Festival, having done so he flew out the following morning. The size and value of his ‘environmental footprint’ on our fragile global gasses is a moot point, but never mind, such is the world of environmental hypocrisy.

The thrust of his lecture was that ‘Liberalism’ is dead. His answer, in a nutshell, was that we should all be nice to each other, stop arguing about petty matters such as gender and identity politics and that we all should be better than we are. Fair enough, but hardly profound.

I note in his comments however that even the liberal progressives are beginning to accept the reality that the very ethical, political and social construct that they have done their best to destroy is on its last legs. At long last the legions of commentators foreshadowing the grave plight of ‘Liberalism’ – perhaps the noblest intellectual and moral legacy of Christendom – might be getting their message across.  

‘Liberalism’ is a social construct based upon, in large part, trust and mutual respect; personal civility; the rule of law; duty and obligation; freedom of speech, expression and religion; a clear sense of identity; an innate sense of spirit and an appreciation that we, as individuals, are not the centre of the universe.   

None of the aforementioned attributes accurately describe our society. For forty-plus-years we have resolutely ignored the most obvious signs of encroaching decay. We ignored them because we were too dumb to recognise them, to bone-idle to do anything, too cowardly to stand up for what we believed – or perhaps we were just too damn greedy, Godless and self-centred we couldn’t give a continental toss.

So sad is our plight, so dim our intellects, we have to be told by an overweight celebrity actor that our existing social foundation sucks!

I have made reference to two words in this short piece which will, I know, be jarring to many of you – the first was Christendom and the second Godless! Shock horror! Not the dreaded R….. word!

Let me again restate what I mean by these terms. I have defined and I used the term Christendom to refer to: “the religious and secular body of Christians of the world subscribing to the shared values and ethics inspired by Jesus Christ and exemplified by Western Civilization. [2016]. Note: I use the word ‘secular’ to mean a-religious, indifference, exclusion or rejection of religion or religious considerations. [Mirriam Webster].

I use the word Godless to mean the outright denial of a Being or Spirit [or beings] beyond ourselves, beyond the here and now, that should be the source of, or inspiration for, moral authority.

In the context of these words I do not mean tub-thumping religious zealots. They are as anathema to me as they doubtless are to you. No one individual is correct in the debate about God – and extreme religious bigotry can have dreadful consequences. But this is not the Godliness to which I refer.

I refer to the private acceptance of the ‘idea’ that there is something deeper within us, our Soul if you like, that if neglected, leads us into a spiritual and social desolation wherein we become fixated upon ourselves, our problems and our desires. My ‘idea’ of Godliness transcends religious specific faith but is rather an encompassing whole wherein all faiths, formal or private, co-exist. The fact that I am a most imperfect Christian does not exclude other faiths – far from it. My idea of Godliness is a plea to awaken the spirituality that exists within us all.            

Stephen Fry got one thing dead right – we all deserve to be better.


21. Oct, 2018

The disconnected and well-heeled slime of Sydney’s overly affluent porcine community in Wentworth have chased their lesser Australians further into the barren wilderness of political chaos.

A supreme irony arising out of the dénouement of the whole sorry and sordid Turnbull saga is that the Wentworth result may be seen in some quarters as a triumph for representative democracy. This theory holds that the candidate should truly reflect the views of his or her electorate. In the case of Wentworth – Bingo! Turnbull was a merchant-banker billionaire and narcissistic socialite with the scruples of an alley cat. His successor is a ‘squillionaire’ and narcissistic socialite; former Gate Keeper of one of Australia’s wealthiest, most impenetrable and closed shop unions, the Australian Medical Profession, and is possessed with the political scruples of an alley cat.

The ripugnante e narcisistico porco[1] have truly elected one of their own and to hell with the national good.

One can imagine the Monday morning parade of sleek, Porsche driving and face-lifted matrons of Rose Bay and Vaucluse at the hairdressers, positively gurgling in faux English vowels with news and gossip about Saturday night’s party – Amelia Dahling you should have seen.... before, being ‘very busy busy people’, rushing off to meet their personal trainers and other assorted gigolos.

 This porcine swill, completely lacking in understanding or empathy with the real crises confronting this country have not the comprehension as to the situation of the common man. They didn’t even have the spine to go the whole hog [Oh! So sorry Rebekah Dahling!] and vote the Labour party in. The wealth and privilege of these elites inoculates them from the consequence of their actions. They have no idea of electricity prices or the societal effect of ill-considered immigration or the real problems facing our primary industries. The closest they’ve ever been to a small business is a trip to the deli in the ‘village’ or perhaps their dealings with the ‘little man' that comes and cleans the windows.

May this swill have little time to enjoy their pyric victory! They have delivered us into a distinctly Australian twilight of liberal democracy. The reckoning is coming. This shambolic political theory, a construct of centuries past, can no longer meet the exigencies of today’s world let alone the demands of future societal good order. In my view it should now be graciously pensioned off before it is unceremoniously tossed into the latrine of political failure.


[1] Repulsive and narcissistic swine

25. Aug, 2018


Poor Bloody Australians – can’t play tennis; can’t play cricket; can’t play rugby – can’t govern ourselves.

I shall not waste my energy or tire your patience by recapping the shambles of this week. Those that know shudder and those that don’t know – well, you really don’t want to know. Suffice it be asked - how many Prime Ministers in eleven years – who cares, who's counting?

What a shoddy, shambolic and shameful example of collective political masturbation in action! Ego, hatred, hubris and jealousy were all on public display in abundance. The only positive that can be extrapolated from this mess is the departure of the most pernicious, unpleasant, self-serving Prime Minister that this country has ever had the misfortune to endure. He will not be missed - by anyone – and history will judge him for the maleficent swine that he is.    

The real tragedy is however the future of Australia’s once proud civic and political society. Unless the new Prime Minister can pull rabbits out of hats the Labor Government in waiting will be given carte blanche to re-engineer this country. Granted, much of it now needs re-tuning, but the excesses of their millenarian zeal doesn’t bear thinking about.

In the meantime the great Australian unwashed – that’s you and me Sport – sit on our backsides doing bugger-all and perfectly content to watch it all happen. Remember, we voted this bunch of tossers into parliament – all of them – whichever party, whichever state and to Canberra – and we’ve allowed them, over the years, to systematically foul our country.

I have some sympathy with the lads and lassies that tossed a handful of bricks into the plate glass electorate office windows of one of the political buffoons the other night. I know you shouldn’t do that sort of thing – ‘not cricket old chap’ – well we can’t play cricket remember! And those lads and lassies felt strongly enough about the situation to do something. Action Directe – political violence – an expression of extreme political disquiet.

Well they had the courage to do something – better than us that remain on our arses. You don’t like the system – well look into the mirror. That ugly bastard staring at you has it in his or her hands to change it - peacefully.


19. Jun, 2018

Afghanistan Social Support Network Survey

"Hi, we'd like to invite you to complete this online survey after your recent contact with our Special Forces Troops.

How did you contact us today?

Were you:

  • Laying in wait to ambush us?
  • Placing an IED inside a dog's carcass?
  • Firing at us while surrounded by a group of school kids?
  • Pretending to work with us in one of our bases?

 On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate the troops you shot at on the following attributes:

  • Gender balance including fluidity and expressions of individual gender identity 
  • Cultural diversity - did our unit members reflect the communities they serve, including yours
  • Politeness while being shot at
  • Adherence to OH&S and the other 1,098 policy statements designed to nail our soldiers somehow no matter what they do
  • Treating you with dignity during the contact while respecting your humanity and deep-seated cultural/religious need to kill us

Please answer yes or no to the following questions

  • Did our soldiers remove their boots before entering your booby-trapped hideout?
  • Did we respect your 5 daily prayer times by ceasing fire at the Muezzin's call?
  • Did we comply with your laws and customs about gay people?
  • Did we give you sufficient opportunity to enquire about our operational plans, policies and rules of engagement?
  • Were you given enough time to prepare your ambush of us?
  • Have we given you an easy way to complain about our troops and to tie them up in endless bullshit paperwork while you Allah uh-Akhbar away to your heart's content?

Thank you for choosing to attack us today, we hope you enjoyed the experience and look forward to serving you again when next you choose Jihad against the West.






23. May, 2018